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tumblr user arisatosexual and the weekend of despair at anime festival wichita 

kirigiri kyouko and kaworu nagisa - arisatosexual (me)

junko enoshima - autumnalequinox

celestia ludenburg - keep-it-loki

asahina aoi - lonesiekarp (also passing on photo credit for the photo of us to her!)

shinji ikari - mochizukisexual

overall it was a super fun weekend even though friday was a little bit dull and a few hiccups here and there, it was quick to pick up once saturday came. although i really do regret taking photos of ‘i must have been born to party’ kaworu on saturday night

winning second place in the cosplay contest with audwhee and autumn was a huge surprise considering we almost removed ourselves from the contest so we could only just walk on stage during the fashion show instead LOL  

now it’s time to figure out a super special cosplay for afw’s next year’s 10th anniversary :’) 

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